Night Dance (demo)

by Christian House Party

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released April 21, 2017

Xander - Guitar/Vocals
Заша - Bass
Kid - Drums
Recorded the week of April 8th 2017



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Christian House Party Missouri

Christian House Party is a Goth/Deathrock band from Los Angeles CA which seeks to push the blackwave sound even further by combining the rich
atmosphere of black metal with the Icy, reverb drenched sound of early post-punk. With a diverse blend of influences and a propensity towards the theatrical Christian House Party is crafting songs to soundtrack your next lonely walk after midnight.
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Track Name: Night Dance
The light starts to fade
The blackest parade
Trace words on your skin
Its happened again

The waters are safe
You’ve taken my name
A heart thats not mine
Yours til the end of time

I guess I’m waiting for the other shoe to fall
If we get what we deserve I won’t get anything at all
I have this feeling I’m borrowing my time
I’ve got the silver lining on my mind

We left it unsaid
Lying in bed
Feeling so blessed
Your marks in my flesh

All of my life
A blink of an eye
You have to know
I put on a show
Track Name: Figures Bathed In Light
I shouldn’t be here, I feel so ugly
My skin doesn’t fit
Surrounded still I feel alone
Nothing to calm my nerves
I wish that I could go
I with that they would go

The fragile statues, they whisper secrets
I try to listen
A stranger in a strangers land
No one to take my hand
The walls are closing in
My eyes are closing

I cover my eyes, I close them tight and count to ten
The fear in my heart won’t suffer silent anymore
I light the candles, offer my prayers to the wind
My fingers tremble, a loss for words once again

Those figures bathed in light
Dancing and unaware
Their beauty tortures me
I can not help but stare
Please take me in
Make me one like you
I offer you my soul
There's nothing I won’t do

A curtain of lies, I’m not the man you think I am
I’m wasting your time, and such a shame it can’t be helped
Don’t turn the lights down and tell me everythings okay
I know what I say, it doesn’t matter what you say

Cedar scented, an offering to the sky
Cloaked in nostalgia, I can not help but wonder why
It's never so dark, for me to hide what I am
And in this garden my very presence is a sin
Track Name: Pin Cushion
Sleepless and barely walking I question how much I can take
Wrapped tight around your finger I surrender calling out your name
When I’m alone and tired I wonder why I tolerate this
Entranced, enthralled, and under lock and key I can’t escape this

When all my friends desert me I wonder where I’m gonna turn
The way in front of us is lit by the bridges that you burn
When all is said and done I wonder if I missed the moment
Watching a smile haunt your lips I finally catch the punch line

My soul is torn apart by daggers from your eyes
Convinced of your perfection I offer you my life
Tied tight and quickly drowning still begging you to stay
You had no second thoughts about throwing me away

Despite our time together I never figure out your game
Your hooks are deep inside me, I suffer calling out your name
When finally torn apart I wonder if I could have saved it
Slipping beneath the surface I finally understand you